ASUS Premium Care

Canadian Purchase Requirements

  • Your Notebook product must be purchased in brand new condition within Canada from an authorized ASUS dealer (e.g. retailer or reseller).  The Notebook must be activated online within 90 days of your product’s purchase date.
  • ASUS Premium Care does not cover software; batteries; peripherals; free bundled accessories such as a mouse or bag; or any customer-induced damage claim unless ADP coverage has been purchased with ASUS Premium Care.
  • International warranty services are limited to the available options in the country where the service is requested. Service options, parts availability and response time may vary depending on location
  • Local warranty services are available only in the country where the product is purchased. The level of service follows the service policy of your standard warranty.

    Eligible Products Include  

    •  Notebook products sold and purchased in NEW Condition within Canada from select authorized ASUS dealers*

    *Eligibility of products determined by product serial number and subject to verification by ASUS

    Available ASUS Premium Care Options

     Package Option


    Price (CAD)

    1 Year Extended Warranty Package (WEP)

    One Year additional General Limited Hardware Warranty


    1 Year Extended Warranty Package (WEP) and 1 Year ADP

    One Year additional General Limited Hardware Warranty with one year Accidental Damage Protection


    NOTE:  ASUS Premium Care options are for Notebooks with 1 Year Standard warranty.

    About Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) 

    • Accidents happen and ADP has you covered from surges, drops, and spills. 
    • Only one (1) ADP claim may be filed per coverage year commencing on the purchase date of your ASUS Premium Care.  You are responsible to pay for one-way shipping to a designated ASUS Repair facility, and ASUS will cover the costs of returning the unit to your originating address within Canada only.
    • Scenarios not covered (but not limited to) by the ADP terms are: scratches and dents, incorrect or inadequate customer installation, lost or stolen products, intentional damage, recovery or transfer of stored data to the product, requests for miscellaneous cables or accessories, and damages caused by acts of God or nature. 

    How to Purchase