ASUS Easy-Pack Bundle for Laptop

  • $39.99

ASUS Easy-Pack Bundle is now available!

The bundle includes following packing materials and a 1-pager instruction manual. 

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32 ECT box with ASUS logo (20 x 16 x 6.25”)

1 pc


Inflated bubble bag

1 pc


Bubble wrap inserts

10 pc


Laptop sleeve

1 pc


Anti-static bubble bag for accessory (pink)

1 pc

Follow simple steps to package your laptop to ship. All materials are approved by ASUS to provide enhanced protection during transportation. Standardized packing procedures make it easy to prepare the parcel and ultimately, reduce chance of shipping damages. 


* Easy-Pack Bundle is ONLY available for Laptop products, user discretion is advised. 

* Easy-Pack Bundle is ONLY available in Canada

* Easy-Pack Bundle does not include shipping waybill to ASUS

* ASUS does not warrant fright-damage-free transportation by using Easy-Pack bundle. 

* Improper use of the materials may cause damage to your product during transportation.

* Product will be shipped on the same business day if the order is placed before 3:00 PM EST. Product will be shipped via FedEx Standard Overnight®

* The order is not refundable once the product is shipped.